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State Auditors Convene in Hartford for Annual Conference

The conference was held June 7-9 was attended by over 205, including 34 principal state auditors and representation from 36 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Join State Auditors in Hartford This June

I hope you will join us at the NSAA conference in Hartford, Connecticut from June 7 through 9. On June 6 we will hold a pre-conference principals’ only session for state auditors to candidly discuss their challenges and opportunities with their peers.

State Auditors Meet for 44th Annual Conference

Justin Wilson Receives NSAA's Highest Honor

Tennessee's Comptroller Emeritus receives the William R. Snodgrass Distinguished Leadership Award.

NSAA Elects New Executive Committee

John Geragosian is president, and Sherrill Norman from Florida is the newest member of the committee.


Draft language will cause problems with complying with GAAP and GAGAS, delay completion of single audits, and create operational gridlock for state auditors.

National Data Quality: COVID-19 Audit Template

The goal is to get as many state audit organizations as possible to participate in this engagement.

NSAA requests single audit extension

NSAA recently sent a letter to the U.S. Office of Management and Budget requesting extension on single audits for fiscal year 2020.

Suzanne Bump Hosts 42nd NSAA Annual Conference

There were almost 200 participants, including 37 principal state auditors and representation from 41 state audit organizations, other state government agencies, and local government.

State Auditors Meet in North Carolina for 41st Annual Conference

NSAA President Beth Wood recently welcomed state auditors to Cherokee, North Carolina for the forty-first annual conference of the National State Auditors Association. Read the recap.

The NSAA IT Workshop and Conference Has Been Rescheduled

The NSAA IT Workshop and Conference scheduled for September 17-20 in Savannah, Georgia has been rescheduled due to Hurricane Florence.
The new dates for the event are January 29 - February 1, 2019. Questions about this change may be directed to Sherri Rowland.

State Auditors Meet in Mississippi for 40th Annual Conference

NSAA President Stacey Pickering recently welcomed state auditors to Biloxi, Mississippi, for the fortieth annual conference of the National State Auditors Association.

NSAA Responds to AICPA ED

NSAA responds to AICPA ED on "State and Local Government Entities" (formerly "Entities Included in State and Local Government Financial Statements").

Rebecca Otto Receives 2017 NSAA Snodgrass Leadership Award

Minnesota State Auditor Rebecca Otto was recently named to receive the 2017 NSAA William R. Snodgrass Leadership Award. The award was presented at a luncheond during the NSAA annual conference by New Jersey State Auditor and NSAA President Steven Eells.

Message from NSAA's President

It seems like only yesterday we were in Colorado for our annual conference, but another year has passed, and I have been pleased to serve as your president. I am looking forward to welcoming you all to Atlantic City, New Jersey this June 14-16!

State Auditors Meet in Beaver Creek for 38th Annual Conference

NSAA President Dianne Ray recently welcomed state auditors to Colorado for the thirty-eighth annual conference of the National State Auditors Association. The conference was held June 14-16 at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek and featured a record attendance of nearly 150, including 37 principal state auditors and representation from 43 member offices. The conference was preceded on June 13 by a day of meetings of NSAA’s committees...

U.S. Department of Education Releases Guidance on Auditing Title IV Student Assistance Programs

NASACT recently received notice that the U.S. Department of Education (ED) released guidance on auditing Title IV student assistance programs.

AICPA Issues Proposed SAS on Going Concern

The Auditing Standards Board of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants has released for comment an exposure draft of a proposed Statement on Auditing Standards entitled The Auditor's Consideration of an Entity's Ability to Continue as a Going Concern. This proposed SAS would supersede SAS No. 126 and would amended SAS 122.