A Message from NSAA President April Renfro
Section: NSAA

I am so proud to have had the opportunity to serve as president of the National State Auditors Association. I find so much value for my office and my state from actively participating in NSAA committees, conferences, and training events, and being able to give back, in a small way, is very humbling.  Additionally, it has been a great honor to represent our organization on national committees and work groups to ensure the state perspective has a voice in standards, regulations, and requirements that relate to state government finance and reporting. Together we have worked to adapt to an enormous influx of federal dollars, and the risks associated with that, but also moving to a remote, hybrid, and flexible work environment that has not been seen before. The collegial attitude of our members and a willingness to share ideas and approaches to problems we all face is such a valuable resource, and I know I have many of you to thank for improvements in my office and the work we do.  
I hope you will join us at the NSAA conference in Boise, Idaho from May 21 through 24. On May 21 we will hold a pre-conference principals’ only session for state auditors to candidly discuss their challenges and opportunities with their peers. The conference will include a technical agenda covering auditing standards, single audit issues, roundtables, and other topics of interest. The conference will also offer networking opportunities, NSAA committee and business meetings, and presentations from NSAA’s Excellence in Accountability Award winners highlighting their important audit work.
There’s a lot to do in Boise and Idaho. If you have some time to stay and play, the Sawtooth National Forest is about three hours north of Boise and has beautiful alpine lakes and rugged mountains. We also have whitewater rafting about an hour north of Boise and a couple of ski hills that have mountain biking in the summer. Finally, Niagara of the West, better known as Shoshone Falls, is about two hours to the east of Boise.   

We also have some great things closer to town that are workable if you get in early or have a later flight, or just want to go for a run or hike in the evening. The Ridge to Rivers trail system surrounds the northern side of Boise and has several hiking/biking trails. We also have the Idaho Historical Museum, Botanical Gardens, and the Old Penitentiary just a couple of miles from downtown if you are looking for some interesting history. We also have an outdoor theatre, Idaho Shakespeare Festival, that will be presenting The Merry Wives of Windsor on May 24 if you are flying out on Saturday. The Boise Hawks minor league baseball team will be in town from May 21 through May 26 facing off with the Grand Junction Jackalopes. Memorial Field is about six miles away from the conference hotel, but a great time!
There are also plenty of great restaurants within walking distance of the conference hotel.  The Basque block and 8th Street have quite a few unique restaurants, but all through the Old Boise Historic District | City of Boise you can find spirits and food in cozy local bars and restaurants.
The NASACT Executive Committee continues to offer up to $750 in travel assistance for NSAA members or their designees to attend this conference. I hope you will all take advantage of this offer.
The Planning Committee has put together an excellent program that seeks to address many of the issues we face as state auditors. Topics include:
  • Recruiting and Engaging New Employees
  • Financial and Performance Audit Independence
  • Governmental Accounting Standards Board Update
  • AI and Its Impact on State Audit Offices
  • Federal Funding Update from Federal Representatives
  • Single Audit Update
  • Presentations by NSAA’s Excellence in Accountability Award Winners
  • Emerging Issues Roundtable to Discuss Issues Facing State Audit Offices

In addition to these informative sessions, we will hold new member and general receptions on Wednesday and Thursday evenings to give you the opportunity to meet and network with your colleagues and other conference attendees.
Member participation is the key to the success and tremendous value of NSAA. I strongly encourage all of you to get involved in this incredible organization. I would like to recognize and welcome new members to our association since last year’s conference:
  • Allison Ball, Kentucky Auditor of Public Accounts
  • Jessica Holmes, North Carolina State Auditor
  • Craig Miner, Connecticut State Auditor

I’ve had the pleasure of working with an extraordinary and dedicated Executive Committee who do an excellent job advocating for this organization and our profession. The Executive Committee members are:
  • President-Elect: Doug Ringler, Auditor General (Michigan)
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Pat McCarthy, State Auditor (Washington)
  • Immediate Past President: John Geragosian, State Auditor (Connecticut)
  • Earle Powell, Legislative Auditor (South Carolina)
  • Sherrill Norman, Auditor General (Florida)
  • Josh Gallion, State Auditor (North Dakota)

NSAA thrives because so many of you lead and participate in committees and information sharing groups. Your participation helps build our professional network and collective expertise as we seek to proactively address emerging issues and the changing landscape facing state auditors. I want to thank all of you who contribute to these meaningful discussions. Special thanks to the committee chairs, group leaders, and presenters for their time and service.  

NASACT and NSAA continue to educate and inform us on issues affecting our work. They provide us with a mechanism for having a greater voice at the table when significant regulations or changes are being vetted by standard setting boards and agencies. Access to our federal and local partners, as well as private industry, through coordinated work groups and calls is an invaluable resource for us in the world we live and work in today. 
When I assumed the presidency, having been a long-standing member, I do not think I really grasped the impact this year would have on me. I am so thankful for the opportunities to share ideas and challenges with all of you and to work with others to address problems we all face in recruiting, complying with standards, the CPA/accounting pipeline issues, and providing impactful reports. I especially want to thank the NSAA and NASACT staff and my colleagues for their guidance, support, and advice throughout the years.
I look forward to seeing you all in Boise at the 2024 NSAA Annual Conference.

April Renfro was appointed legislative auditor for the Idaho Division of Audit in 2012 and has over 25 years of experience with the division, rising through the ranks to her current role. She has an M.B.A. and a B.B.A. in accountancy from Boise State University and is a certified public accountant. Renfro is the 2023-24 president of NSAA.