Tom L. Allen

2018 Hall of Fame Inductee

After working in public accounting as a federal contract auditor, Tom L. Allen joined the Utah Office of the State Auditor in 1973, and held various posts over the years, including deputy auditor. He was elected state auditor in 1984 and was re-elected twice. Allen was a member of NASACT’s Executive Committee and an active participant in both NSAA and NASACT during his time as state auditor.
Also during that time, Allen was appointed to be a member of the GASB, a position he held for one year before resigning as state auditor and accepting the role of GASB chairman.
The Allen era at GASB, from July 1995 through June 2004, is probably best remembered for two major projects: the financial reporting model, better known as GASB 34, and postemployment benefits other than pensions, or OPEB. With these two standards, state and local governments now report on all major obligations: infrastructure assets and employee healthcare promises.
Following his tenure at GASB, Allen joined the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board in January 2006 and served as Chairman from 2007 through 2015. Major improvements in federal reporting during that time included sustainability and reporting on Social Security and other social insurance programs. He also served on the accounting faculty at Weber State University. He was on the AICPA’s Auditing Standards Board, as well as its Ethics, and Government Accounting and Auditing committees.
Among many awards, he was named the Outstanding State or Local Government Fiscal Officer by the AGA and is a recipient of the prestigious Donald L. Scantlebury Memorial Award for distinguished leadership in financial management improvement.
An educator, a public servant, and a leader who focused on compromise and common sense to improve government, Tom L. Allen has served with dignity and integrity during his noteworthy career.

The NASACT Community

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