Robert L. Childree

2020 Hall of Fame Inductee

Robert L. Childree has been a role model for generations of public servants, both in his home state of Alabama, through his leadership with NASACT, and his engagement with federal and state initiatives.
Childree served as state comptroller of Alabama for 22 years. At a time when most states were still following cash basis accounting practices, he was an early proponent of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board and the adoption of generally accepted accounting principles, or GAAP. He led the design and implementation of an integrated statewide computer system for budgeting, accounting, procurement, payroll and personnel—the nation’s first ERP system.
Always on the leading edge of technology and business process redesign, Childree was on the board of the National Electronic Commerce Coordinating Council, an early coalition working to leverage technology to improve government. He helped form the Southern Alliance of States to implement Electronic Benefit Transfer and was a pioneer in developing guidance to implement the Cash Management Improvement Act.
In addition to being an inspiring leader, Childree has made impactful contributions to teaching and mentoring others. He has written several articles for books in NASACT’s Leadership in Government series. He created and personally led numerous professional development programs offered by the state, the local Association of Government Accountants’ chapter, and Auburn University. And, he was a fierce advocate for increased qualifications – and increased pay – for state government accountants and finance professionals.
A past president of both NASACT and the National Association of State Comptrollers, he was actively involved as a mentor to new state comptrollers and a voice for ongoing government improvement.
In retirement from state service, Childree continues even today to share his passion and expertise as a private sector consultant and constant friend to the NASACT community.
A role model, a teacher, an inspirational leader, and a devoted public servant, Childree has established a legacy of respect and professional curiosity that will undoubtedly lead others to greatness in his path.


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