Relmond P. Van Daniker

2015 Hall of Fame Inductee

Dr. Relmond P. Van Daniker has been a relentless advocate of government accountability. In his roles as a professor of government accounting at the University of Kentucky and as executive director of both NASACT and AGA, he has suggested dozens of initiatives to motivate and encourage students and government officials to promote excellence in public sector finance. 
He was a leader in the creation and ongoing support of GASB. He was the principal investigator on CSG’s State Government Accounting Project.
His influence has helped embed in statutes and policies a progressive approach to improving government. He has accomplished this directly by testifying and sponsoring legislation and by providing information and advice to public officials as they pursued legislation. 
Van Daniker has spearheaded several campaigns directed at increasing trust between government and citizens, such as AGA’s Citizen Centric Reporting initiative.
He has been a role model for excellence in public sector accountability, and throughout his career has consistently identified important issues and trends, and mobilized stakeholders to collaborate for the public good.
During his tenure at NASACT, he positioned the association as a leader among peers. He is a long-time proponent of intergovernmental improvement programs, and has dedicated his career to enhancing government procedures and management at all levels.
He has written and contributed to numerous books and articles related to government financial management.
Van Daniker’s career as an educator, manager and thought leader has left lasting impressions on students, government workers at all levels, and peers in numerous national associations.

The NASACT Community

NASACT serves as the premier organization working to bring together state auditors, state comptrollers and state treasurers to cooperatively address government financial management issues. NASACT also manages two secretariats - the National State Auditors Association (NSAA) and the National Association of State Comptrollers (NASC). Both NSAA and NASC are included under the umbrella of NASACT’s budget and utilize staff hired by NASACT.