Past Presidents

State auditors, state comptrollers and state treasurers have been coming together to discuss issues of common interest since 1916. The first such meeting took place in St. Augustine, Florida. During the next several years, a leadership structure was formalized, and NASACT was born. Today, NASACT works to provide education and training to its members and to serve as a unified voice for the varied needs of its constituency groups − the state auditors, state comptrollers and state treasurers. These public servants have held NASACT's highest leadership office, that of President.

2023   Mike Frerichs, State Treasurer, IL
2022   Richard Eckstrom, Comptroller General, SC
2021   Elaine Howle, State Auditor, CA
2020   Beth Pearce, State Treasurer, VT
2019   D. Clark Partridge, State Comptroller, AZ
2018   Roger A. Norman, Legislative Auditor, AR
2017   David H. Lillard, Jr., State Treasurer, TN
2016   Calvin McKelvogue, Chief Operating Officer, State Accounting Enterprise, IA
2015   William G. Holland, Auditor General, IL
2014   James B. Lewis, State Treasurer, NM
2013   Martin J. Benison, Comptroller, MA
2012   Ronald L. Jones, Chief Examiner, AL
2011   Nancy K. Kopp, State Treasurer, MD
2010   Glen B. Gainer III, State Auditor, WV 
2009   Thomas H. McTavish, Auditor General, MI
2008   Vern L. Larson, State Treasurer, SD
2007   Jan I. Sylvis, Chief of Accounts, TN
2006   R. Thomas Wagner, Auditor of Accounts, DE
2005   W. Daniel Ebersole, Director, Treasury and Fiscal Services, GA
2004   John J. Radford, State Controller, OR
2003   Lawrence F. Alwin, State Auditor, TX
2002   Barbara Hafer, State Treasurer, PA
2001   Robert L. Childree, State Comptroller, AL
2000   Richard D. Johnson, Auditor of State, IA
1999   Steve Adams, State Treasurer, TN
1998   William J. Raftery, State Controller, WI
1998   Robert D. Luth (Aug - Jun), State Accounting Administrator, NE
1997   Margaret Kelly, State Auditor, MO
1996   Marshall Bennett, State Treasurer, MS
1995   Darrell R. Daines, State Controller, NV
1994   Douglas R. Norton, Auditor General, AZ
1993   Michael F. Fitzgerald, State Treasurer, IA
1992   Harvey C. Eckert, Deputy Sec. for Comptroller Operations, PA
1992   Edward J. Mazur (Aug - Nov), State Comptroller, VA
1991   Edward Renfrow, State Auditor, NC 
1990   Mary Ellen Withrow, State Treasurer, OH
1989   Earle E. Morris, Jr., Comptroller General, SC
1988   Thomas W. Hayes, Auditor General, CA
1987   Joan Finney, State Treasurer, KS
1986   Roland W. Burris, State Comptroller, IL
1985   Anthony Piccirilli, Auditor General, RI
1984   Harlan E. Boyles, State Treasurer, NC 
1983   John F. Rogan, State Finance Director, WI
1982   Joseph H. Burris, Legislative Auditor, LA
1981   Gertrude Donahey, State Treasurer, OH
1980   James R. Cobler, Director, Div. of Accounts and Reports, KS
1979   William R. Snodgrass, Comptroller of the Treasury, TN
1978   Robert R. Ringwood, Legislative Auditor, MT
1977   Robert S. O’Brien, State Treasurer, WA
1976   Grady L. Patterson, Jr., State Treasurer, SC
1975   Grace M. Sloan, State Treasurer, PA
1974   John H. Kelly, State Treasurer, WV
1973   W. Hamp King, State Auditor, MS
1972   Joe R. Williams, State Auditor, ID
1971   Jimmie “Red” Jones, State Auditor, AR
1970   Abram M. Vermeulen, State Comptroller, NJ 
1969   Louis L. Goldstein, Comptroller of the Treasury, MD
1968   J.B. Lancaster, Legislative Auditor, LA
1967   Roy Shapiro, State Comptroller, KS
1966   Minnie Mitchell, State Auditor, WY
1965   Tom Martin, State Treasurer, WA
1964   Val Bjornson, State Treasurer, MN
1963   Raymond W. Hawksley, State Treasurer, RI 
1962   Haskel Holman, State Auditor, MO 
1961   James M. Smith, State Auditor, SC 
1960   C.H. Cavness, State Auditor, TX
1959   Sidney C. Day, Jr., State Comptroller, VA
1958   J. Millard Tawes, Comptroller of the Treasury, MD
1957   Henry L. Bridges, State Auditor, NC 
1956   C. B. Akers, State Auditor, IA
1955   John Graves, State Comptroller, AL
1954   Avery G. Hall, State Treasurer, NY 
1953   J. Gordon Bennett, Auditor of Public Accounts, VA
1952   Jesse James, State Treasurer, TX
1951   Frank Durand, State Auditor, NJ 
1950   A.S.J. Shaw, State Auditor, OK
1949   J. Edwin Larson, State Treasurer, FL
1948   Thomas J. Buckley, State Auditor, MA
1947   Jeff B. Bates, State Treasurer, SC 
1946   George Robb, State Auditor, KS
1945   Joseph T. Ferguson, State Auditor, OH
1944   C. Fred Porter, State Controller, IA
1943   F. Gordon Kimball, State Treasurer, NH 
1942   F. Clair Ross, Auditor General, PA 
1941   Richard E. Talbott, State Treasurer, WV 
1940   L.B. Maynard, State Auditor, LA 
1939   Forrest Smith, State Auditor, MO
1938   Cliff Yelle, State Auditor, WA
1937   Walter R. Darbey, State Auditor, NJ 
1936   George B. Hamilton, State Treasurer, GA
1935   Matt J. Desmond, Chief Deputy State Auditor, MN
1934   Elbert D. Hayford, State Auditor, ME
1933   Tom Wisdom, State Auditor, GA
1932   Edward Martin, State Treasurer, PA 
1931   Sidney H. Blan, State Auditor, AL 
1930   William “Pistol Bill” Johnson, State Treasurer, WV 
1929   William “Pistol Bill” Johnson, State Treasurer, WV 
1928   Baxter Durham, State Auditor, NC 
1927   Joseph T. Tracy, State Auditor, OH
1926   Ray P. Chase, State Auditor, MN
1925   Ray P. Chase, State Auditor, MN
1924   Baxter Durham, State Auditor, NC
1923   Harry B. Salter, Chief Auditor, NJ 
1922   Samuel S. Lewis, Auditor General, PA
1921   Harry B. Salter, Chief Auditor, NJ 
1920   J.A.O. Preus, State Auditor, MN 
1919   J.A.O. Preus, State Auditor, MN

The NASACT Community

NASACT serves as the premier organization working to bring together state auditors, state comptrollers and state treasurers to cooperatively address government financial management issues. NASACT also manages two secretariats - the National State Auditors Association (NSAA) and the National Association of State Comptrollers (NASC). Both NSAA and NASC are included under the umbrella of NASACT’s budget and utilize staff hired by NASACT.