William Kilmartin

2020 Hall of Fame Inductee

William (Bill) Kilmartin believes in the proposition that government institutions are inter-dependent and that close coordination can foster significant improvements. This vision is apparent in his professional body of work.
He has a keen understanding of technology, including its capabilities and its application. Early on he recognized it for the change agent it was and eagerly embraced technology to enable business transformation. As comptroller of the commonwealth of Massachusetts from 1989 to 1999, he designed and implemented a comprehensive data warehouse. He sponsored and led projects to increase the use of EFT and to establish the EBT network, for which he received a Special Contribution Award from the Vice President of the United States for promoting EBT. He automated the provisions of the Cash Management Improvement Act and completed numerous e-commerce projects, including the nation’s first website for electronic purchasing.
As a member and ultimately as president of the National Association of State Comptrollers, Kilmartin spearheaded interaction with the national CFO Council on issues like CMIA, OMB A-87 and the Single Audit. He was a leader and principal catalyst in the creation of the National Electronic Commerce Coordinating Council.
He has testified before Congress and the Governmental Accounting Standards Board on legislation and due process proceedings. He was an active participant on the task force that developed the landmark GASB Statement 34. And he was instrumental in mending the fissure between members of NASACT and the GASB over the issue of performance reporting in the late 90s.
His private sector career is no less impressive than his time with the state. Kilmartin has co-authored books on collaboration and leadership. He has counseled countless government officials on how to transform processes to improve the lives of citizens.
He conceptualized and helped develop NASACT’s Benchmarking program, whereby states can compare metrics in the areas of financial management, IT, HR/payroll and procurement.
Although Kilmartin does not seek the spotlight, his contributions are hard to overlook. He has been recognized as a visionary with numerous awards from NASACT, NASC, many peer associations, CIO Magazine, the Data Warehouse Institute, and from academia, including an Innovation Award from Harvard University’s JFK School of Government.
Kilmartin is a tireless mentor, advocate and leader, pushing government at all levels to be its best. In this spirit, he has leveraged his special talents to intuit the big picture and create and sustain a vision for how government should work.


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