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Date Name / General Information Bios Handouts Register / View
10/15/2020 Leading Your Multigenerational Workforce Through Unprecedented Times Bio Handouts Register
07/15/2020 2020 GASB Review Bios Handouts View

The GREAT Act & Proposed Revisions to the Uniform Guidance: Things You Need to Know!

Bios Handouts View
01/15/2020 GASB 87: You Inventoried Your Leases, Now What? Practical Steps for Implementation and Lessons Learned Bios Handouts View
10/17/2019 AICPA's Ethic Interpretation:State and Local Government Affilates Bios Handouts View
10/3/2019 Demystfying the Cloud Bios Handouts View
07/10/2019 GASB Review 2019 Bios Handouts
05/29/2019 New 2019-2021 Data Collection Form and FAC Update Bios Handouts View
02/27/2019 Data Management and Analytics in the Era of Finance 2025 Bios Handouts View
01/24/2019 GASB’s Preliminary Views on Financial Reporting Model Improvements and Soon-to-be-released Implementation Guides   Bios Handouts View
01/16/2019 The Bots Are Coming! The Bots Are Coming! The Bots are HERE! Bios Handouts View
10/17/2018 Managing the Multigenerational Mix Bios Handouts View
09/13/2018 GAO’s 2018 Government Auditing Standards: Major Changes and Implementation Issues Bios Handouts View
07/18/2018 GASB Review 2018 Bios   View
06/20/2018 Identifying Improper Payments in High-Risk Programs: A Look at Medicaid Bios Handouts View
04/12/2018 Blockchain Basics for Government Finance and Audit Professionals Bios Handouts View
03/14/2018 Smarter Finance, Better Government Bios Handouts View
02/14/2018 A Global Perspective on Innovation - How are Governments Achieving It? Bios Handouts View
07/13/2017 GASB Review 2017 Bios   View
03/01/2017 GAO's Yellow Book Exposure Draft: What Changes Are Ahead? Bios Handouts View
02/23/2017 GASB's Financial Reporting Model Improvements - Governmental Funds Bios   View
02/22/2017 Making Analytics Real: Government Case Studies Bios Handouts View
01/25/2017 Getting Ready for Infrastructure Change Bios Handouts View
09/28/2016 The Leadership Pipeline: Developing Leaders for Today and Tomorrow -- -- View
07/13/2016 GASB Review 2016 -- -- View
05/18/2016 Uniform Grant Guidelines: Implementation Issues for Management and Auditors -- -- View
03/24/2016 Fraud Analysis and Detection: Using Benford’s Law and Other Effective Techniques -- -- View
02/25/2016 Analytics: The Winning Edge in the Battle for Talent -- -- View
01/20/2016 How Digital Trends are Reshaping Government Financial Management -- -- View
11/18/2015 The DATA Act: What Recipients Need to Know -- -- View
10/15/2015 High-Impact Audits and Reports: NSAA's 2015 Excellence in Accountability Award Winners -- -- View
07/08/2015 GASB Review 2015 -- -- View
05/27/2015 GASB 68 Accounting and Auditing Issues – Implementation is Coming Soon … Are You Ready? -- -- View
03/26/2015 Visualizing Fraud Patterns: Exposing the Hidden Threats -- -- View
02/25/2015 Establishing Risk Management and Controls for State Government -- -- View
02/25/2015 GAO’s New Green Book: A Revised Internal Control Framework for Government  -- -- View
04/30/2014 ERP eProcurement and Vendor Self-Service -- -- View
04/01/2014 Pension Issues: Remaining Implementation Challenges and New Audit Guidance -- -- View
09/18/2013 Treasury Offset Program: How Federal and State Partnerships Can Cost Effectively Maximize Debt Recoveries -- -- View
08/07/2013 The Pension Challenge: Critical Issues to Implementing the New GASB Pension Standards -- -- View
07/10/2013 GASB Review: 2013 -- -- View
03/27/2013 OMB Grant Reforms -- -- View
03/06/2013 GASB's Pension Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards: A Focus on Statement No. 68 -- -- View
02/14/2013 Group Audits: Case Studies -- -- View
10/10/2012 Improving Statewide Reporting & Performance Data Analysis: Success Stories -- -- View
09/19/2012 NSAA's 2012 Excellence in Accountability Award Winners -- -- View
07/18/2012 GASB Review: 2012 -- -- View
05/02/2012 Clarifying the Clarity Standards: Group Audits -- -- View
02/29/2012 Clarifying the Clarity Standards: An Overview -- -- View
07/20/2011 GASB Review: 2011 -- -- View
05/04/2011 2011 Government Auditing Standards: Changes You Need to Know -- -- View
03/15/2011 Public Private Partnerships: From Accounting to Implementation -- -- View
11/18/2010 Government Debt Collection: Improving Efficiencies and Increasing Revenue -- -- View
09/15/2010 15 Tools for Efficient Performance Auditing -- -- View
07/21/2010 Government Auditing Standards: 2010 Revision -- -- View


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