Office of the Minnesota State Auditor Local Government Training Conference


Training Agenda

Monday, November 15
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Audit Methodologies
Leita Hart- Fanta
PPT Dealing with Change
Kit Welchin

Tuesday, November 16
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PPT How to Communicate with Anyone Who Isn't You
Denise Ryan
The Forms Group
Nicole Berndt
PPT Standards and Procedures Update
Tom Karlson
Lisa Young

Wednesday, November 17
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PPT A Look Back at the Coronavirus Relief Fund
Amy Jorgenson, Director, COVID-19 Response Accountability Office, Minnesota Management and Budget
PPT The 2021 Compliance Supplement
Lisa Young, 
PPT A Look at the American Rescue Plan Act, State, and Local Government Recovery Fund and Other Recent Issues
Tom Karlson, CPA, Manager of Standards and Procedures, Office of the Minnesota State Auditor
Matthew Lindenmann, Director of Budget, Finance, and Technology, Office of the State Auditor
PPT Legal Compliance Update 
David Kenney, JD, Assistant Legal Counsel of Special Investigations, Office of the Minnesota State Auditor
Mark Kerr, JD, CFE, Assistant Legal Counsel/ Director of Special Investigations, Office of the Minnesota State Auditor
PPT Accounting for Leases under GASB Statement NO. 87
Stephen Blann, CPA
PPT Governmental Accounting Update
Stephen Blann, CPA
PPT Federal Audit Clearinghouse Update: Are your SEFA and DCF Consistent?
Stephen Blann, CPA

The NASACT Community

NASACT serves as the premier organization working to bring together state auditors, state comptrollers and state treasurers to cooperatively address government financial management issues. NASACT also manages two secretariats - the National State Auditors Association (NSAA) and the National Association of State Comptrollers (NASC). Both NSAA and NASC are included under the umbrella of NASACT’s budget and utilize staff hired by NASACT.