Session #25

Boost the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Audits with Data Analytics
3:50 – 4:40 p.m.    
CPE Field of Study: Auditing (Governmental)

PPT Presentation

In this session, learn how the team at Louisiana Legislative Auditor uses data analysis technology to identify and resolve inefficiencies, fraud, mismanagement, and errors within complex government programs like Medicaid, SNAP, Juvenile Justice, and more.


Chris Magee, CIA, CGAP, is the data analytics manager with Performance Audit Services of the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s Office. Chris has been with the office since June of 2012 and has worked on various audits that evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of programs by using data, including SNAP (food stamps), Medicaid programs, and deceased individuals receiving entitlement benefits, Chris has a bachelor of science degree in management/marketing from Louisiana College. He also received his masters of business administration from Louisiana State University.
Brent McDougall, CIA, CFE, EnCE, is a senior data analyst in the Performance Audit Services section of the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s office. Brent has been with the auditor’s office since May 2006 and prior to moving to Performance Audit Services, Brent was the forensic IT audit coordinator and a senior auditor with the Investigative Audit Services section of the auditor’s office. Brent has worked on various audits which utilized data analytics to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of programs as well as to identify possible fraud, waste, and abuse. In 2015 and 2017 the Louisiana Legislative Auditor was awarded the National State Auditors Association’s Excellence in Accountability Award for Brent’s reports of the New Orleans Traffic Court and the Orleans Parish Sheriff.


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