Mastercard, Mercator Advisory and NASACT Release Report on New York Payment Operations
Section: Around the Nation

Mastercard, Mercator Advisory Group and the New York Office of the State Comptroller recently released a report analyzing payment operations and opportunities for improvement. The report, State of Payments: Study of the Payments of the State of New York - Project Findings, is now available.

The project originated through the vision of Mastercard to fund analysis to uncover pain points in state government payment flows and identify opportunities for process improvements. The results of the study can potentially benefit the State of New York and other state governments. The objective of Mercator Advisory Group’s engagement with the State of New York was to document the number, dollar value, tender type, and business case (purpose) of the outgoing disbursements originated by the state.

The presentation summarizes findings from Mercator Advisory Group’s analysis of the payments data and discussions with individuals in the Office of the New York State Comptroller. It provides recommendations and highlights opportunities to assist the state of New York to improve the efficiency of their payment operations based on knowledge of industry best practices.