OFR Unveils New Money Market Fund Monitor
View Data in Six Interactive Charts
Section: Washington Update

The U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Financial Research has released a new online Money Market Fund Monitor and an explanatory brief. The monitor is designed to track the investment portfolios of money market funds by fund asset types, counterparties and other characteristics. Users can view trends and developments across the MMF industry. The monitor also tracks connections between money market funds and securities issuers in the United States and internationally. To develop the tool, the OFR analyzed the portfolio holdings of about 500 funds; the tool contains more than five years of holdings data, beginning in January 2011.
The MMF data is downloadable and displayed in six interactive charts:
  • Investments by any U.S. MMF
  • U.S. MMFs' investments by fund category
  • Investments by U.S. prime MMFs
  • U.S. MMFs' investments in the repo market
  • U.S. MMFs’ repos with the Federal Reserve
  • Federal Reserve repo facility total utilization and MMFs’ participation