Results from the 2023 Washington Office Survey
Section: Washington Update

Top 5 Issues
  1. Reporting on COVID relief funds
  2. FDTA: the Federal Data Transparency Act
  3. Timely disclosure of state financial reports
  4. OMB cost circulars/administrative rules / infrastructure funding issues (tied)
  5. Public sector pension plans (disclosure and funding issues) 
Did you attend the DC Office Webinar on Wednesday, March 9?
  • Yes: 37%
  • No: 63% 

If yes, what was your opinion of the session?
  • Love getting the quarterly updates from the DC team.
  • A lot covered – informative. 

Are there any new federal agency or Congressional issues that we can address for you, or areas in which NASACT should have a more active role?
  • Make sure that OMB realizes that updating the compliance supplement timely and giving clear and reasonable guidance is important.
  • Budget - and possible federal shutdown - from a state government financial standpoint and impact.
  • Follow up on OIG desk reviews of CRF. 
What is the best thing in financial management going on in your state/office today?

This question gives member offices a chance to highlight some of the good news that is taking place across the nation. Some positive developments include:
  • Shortages in audit staff requires our office to think more creatively and to be more innovative in the ways we perform our audit functions.
  • Financial disclosures getting back on time.
  • Adding local government transparency to our state transparency website.
  • Fewer repeat audit findings. 
More Information
For detailed results of the survey, or if you would like to discuss the commentary we received, please contact Neal Hutchko in the Washington Office at (202) 624-5873 or