NASACT’s 2021 Washington Office Survey: The Results Are In
Section: Washington Update

The 2021 NASACT Washington survey is now complete. Forty-three offices from 33 states participate in the survey this year. These responses are invaluable to staff in the Washington D.C. office, as they provide a snapshot of the issues of most importance to members and help guide where NASACT’s focus should be during the upcoming year.
Thank you to those who were able to respond and submit comments.
Top 5 Issues
  1. Guidance/Use of Coronavirus Relief Dollars (CARES Act, ARP Funds,and Other COVID aid)
  2. OMB Cost Circulars/Administrative Rules
  3. Timely Disclosure of State Financial Reports
  4. Infrastructure Funding
  5. Federal Tax Changes/Impact on States 
Quotes from the Survey
Below is a random sampling of comments received under each topic.
Did you attend the DC Office Webinar on Tuesday, April 13?
  • Yes: 12 (28%)
  • No:  31 (72%) 

If yes, what was your opinion of the session and what improvements do you feel could be made?
  • Very useful. I encourage you to hold these as frequently as necessary with new information.
  • Well done and useful. Material helpful for colleagues who did not attend.
  • It was a good overview. There was a lot of info for the time allotted, so either less topics ormore time.
Are there any additional federal agency or Congressional issues that we can address for you?
  • Continuing to monitor and prompt OMB and federal agencies to produce complete and timely guidance for auditing the new federal COVID-19 relief programs.
  • Lack of nationwide uniform guidance and approval of statewide indirect cost plans (particularly section II costs) continues.
  • Continue to work with OMB and the federal departments to provide single audit guidance on federal programs. 

What is the best thing in financial management going on in your state/office today?
  • Planning for American Rescue Plan funding rather than cutbacks due to budget shortfalls.
  • Continued accountability and productivity with continued telework environment.
  • Continuously working on process improvements, efficiencies, automation, moving from paper to electronic processes and maintaining a good partnership with our federal partners in the new virtual environment.
  • Preparing for a major upgrade to our financial management system. 

For detailed results of the survey, or if you would like to discuss the results, please contact NASACT Policy Analyst Neal Hutchko.