Section: Washington Update

The 2020 Compliance Supplement Addendum for COVID-19 programs is available, as is the Federal Register notice about it.
The 2020 Addendum provides updated audit guidance for five new COVID-19 programs, eight current programs for COVID-19 related compliance requirements and one new non-COVID program. The total funding for the COVID-19 programs in the Addendum is estimated at $367 billion.
Consistent with the vision for Results-Oriented Accountability for Grants, Federal awarding agencies are encouraged to begin a paradigm shift in grants management from one heavy on compliance to a balanced approach that includes establishing measurable program and project goals and analyzing data to improve results. To that end, the 2020 Addendum continues the reduction of the compliance areas for auditor review in part 2, Matrix from a maximum of 12 to six, which was first implemented in the 2019 Supplement, and requires a review for performance reporting, where applicable.
The 2020 Addendum also includes an increased emphasis on transparency related requirements, including a requirement for auditors to review the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) subaward reporting requirements for the COVID-19 programs included in this Addendum, where applicable. In addition, these requirements apply to all programs for audits with fiscal year-ending after September 30, 2020. 
The Addendum provides a three-month audit submission extension for single audits of 2020 year-ends through September 30, 2020, year-ends for the recipient that received COVID-19 funding.
All comments to the 2020 Compliance Supplement must be in writing and received by January 30, 2021. Late comments will be considered to the extent practicable. Comments will be reviewed and addressed, when appropriate, in the 2021 Compliance Supplement. Comments should be submitted or emailed with the following subject line: 2 CRF part 200 Subpart F—Audit Requirements, Appendix XI—Compliance Supplement Addendum 2020. Comments should be included in the body of the mail and as an attachment.

If you send comments to OMB, please also copy them to NSAA Association Director Sherri Rowland.