Going Offline May 25
Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Section: NASACT

The General Services Administration is transitioning 10 online systems that manage procurement and awards processes to one site called On May 25, 2018 GSA is transitioning the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance ( to the new site and calling it Assistance Listings. This means that on May 25, will shut down, and users who go there will be redirected to
While parts of the site are official (such as assistance listings), others are demonstration only and continue to be supported on one of our original websites. As the nine remaining sites gradually migrate, their functionality will become official on Once the original site retires, will be renamed  
In migrating assistance listings information, we also made significant improvements. For example, searching for assistance listings is now much more comprehensive and robust on Search results have better information and functionality, such as the ability to click on links to partner sites such as directly.
Click to view a FAQ sheet about this transition, or you can find more information at For updates, be sure to follow @USGSA and @FAS_Outreach on Twitter and search #betaSAM.
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