NASACT Modernizes Webinars, Adds New Lower Rate for Individuals Not Seeking CPE
Section: NASACT

NASACT recently made a few changes to the webinar attendance and CPE verification process. We think you’ll be pleased!

We’ve taken a manual, paper-based process and converted it to one that is completely electronic. As an added bonus, after viewing a webinar you will have instant access to your CPE certificate – no more mailing it in and waiting for us to mail it back to you. The certificate will also remain in your member profile, so you’ll be able to access it at any time in the future if needed.

Also, for those NASACT members who do not need CPE credit but still wish to view our webinars to stay up-to-date on current topics and trends, we’ve added a new lower individual rate of $25.

Why Make Changes?

The changes were driven by a number of factors. For one thing, NASACT continually watches for ways to streamline and modernize services to members; the new changes were made in that spirit.

The main driver, however, was new and more stringent monitoring and verification requirements from the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy. Many NASACT members are certified public accountants, so the easiest way for them to earn CPE is to seek out NASBA-certified learning opportunities. NASACT is certified to offer NASBA CPE, so we were required to make a few changes to be in compliance with NASBA’s new rules.

If you don’t need to receive a CPE certificate, then nothing new will be required by you. Simply attend the webinar, learn, ask questions and enjoy!

What Are the Major Changes?

The webinar registration process remains the same.

We will still offer individual and group rates. As an enhancement, we’ve added a new lower rate of $25 for those individuals who do not require CPE.

The major changes are related to verification of your attendance.

Webinar participants will be provided with a verification code worksheet. During the webinar, several codes will be displayed. Attendees should jot these codes down on the worksheet.

AFTER the webinar, all attendees who wish to receive a CPE certificate will need to log in to the NASACT website and take a quiz. In the past, those viewing NASACT’s webinars as part of a group were not required to have a profile on NASACT’s website – only the main contact needed a profile. Now, ALL PARTICIPANTS requesting CPE credit will need to have a profile on our website. To submit a list of individuals from your office who need to have a profile created, contact Pat Hackney by email or call (859) 276-1147.

After logging in to the website, each participant will take a quiz where they will enter the verification codes they recorded on the worksheet. Upon successful completion, participants can immediately find their CPE certificate attached to their member profile in the system. They can print it out, and it will also remain in the system for future access.

Detailed attendance verification instructions will be sent to all registrants (i.e., all who register as an individual and to the main contact who registers a group) as part of the registration confirmation email. Additionally, a PDF file with step-by-step instructions can be found here.


If you have questions about the changes to NASACT’s webinars, please contact NASACT’s Professional Education Coordinator Anna Peniston.